Marieta Island Hidden Beach


Marieta Island hidden beach created by giant blast from Mexican government during target practice is now a stunning strip of sand.

This secluded strip of sand is believed to have formed decades ago when it was used as target practice by the Mexican Government in the early 1900s.

To reach the secluded marvel, visitors have to swim through a short tunnel which opens up into the spectacular beach, which is surrounded by rare wildlife.

Ventura Osorio, who provides tours to the Hidden Beach, said the islands were formed thousands of years ago by volcanic rock activity.

The beach itself was most likely formed prior to the First World War since the Mexican government had been using the islands as target practice. These controlled bombings have been said to have formed numerous caves and other unique rock formations on the Marietas Islands.

‘It is believed that the Hidden Beach was created as a result of these factors combined with the erosion of the rocks surrounding it due to the local weather conditions.’

Spectacular wildlife including humpback whales, dolphins and manta rays are just some of the stunning marine life visitors get to enjoy when at the beach.

It has been discovered and become a popular destination to visit after going viral on social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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