World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Fruits

We all eat fruits in our daily life as fruits are always good for our health, but you will be surprised to know that there are some fruits which are very expensive and have made the record to be sold at very expensive price. Here is our list for top 10 most expensive fruits in the world.

10. Buddha Shaped Pears ($9.00/Each)


These pears are specially cultivated in China. The pear appears exactly like Buddha statue. The face that appears in pear and the style in which Buddha used to sit is exactly the same.  It is due to a mold made by a Chinese farmer Xianzhang Hao of the Hebei province. This man grew pears in this shape. So this mode of pear cultivation got fame. It is said that if you taste this fruit you can get immortality. It is a Chinese myth about Lord Buddha.  You can enjoy the immortal sweetness of this fruit in just $9.

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