Top 10 Weirdest Fruits In The World

You believe or not but these bizarre fruits are real and people actually eat them, here is our list.

10. Kiwano – New Zealand 


kiwano also known as African horned cucumber or melon, jelly melon, hedged gourd, melano is an annual vine in the cucumber and melon family. Ripe fruit has yellow-orange skin and lime green, jelly-like flesh with a tart taste, and texture similar to a cucumber. It is now grown in California, Mississippi, Chile,Australia, and New Zealand.

The fruit’s taste has been compared to a combination of cucumber and zucchini or a combination of banana, cucumber and lemon. It is also said to taste like an unripe, watered-down banana. A small amount of salt or sugar can increase the flavor. Some also eat the peel, which is very rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber. The fruit can be used in cooking, but when eaten raw, most suck out the pulp and spit out the seeds.

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