Top Five Most Expensive Fruits In The World

Most Expensive Fruits in the World

5. Ruby Roman Grapes
Ruby roman grapes in Japan have sold for $5400 per bunch and $6400 per bunch. Producers aim for the “perfect balance of sweet and juicy.”

Ruby Roman Grapes
A grape only gets the honor of being distinguished as a Ruby Roman if it meets certain qualifications: each grape must weigh at least 20 grams, sugar content must exceed 18% and the coloring should resemble a cherry tomato-red hue. And there are elite ranks as well that help determine price points. The least expensive bunch and deemed standard, weighing about 450 grams, sold for ¥25,000 on Friday. The 600 gram bunch that grabbed the record price was designated as “special class.” But that’s not the highest-ranking level. That is the “premium class,” where each grape must weigh at least 30 grams and the bunch overall weighs a minimum 700 grams, the equivalent of about 15 golf balls. None of the grapes have made the cut so far this year and there were just six in the 2010 harvest.

4. Egg of the Sun Mangoes

Egg of Sun mangoes
The mangoes were sold under the brand name “Egg of the Sun” for 300,000 Yen. The brand is one of the highest-quality mangoes and is certified for size and sweetness of the fruit.
In April this year, a pair of mangoes sold for a record 300,000 yen. The two mangoes were sold under the Taiyo no Tamago label, which translates as “Egg of the Sun”. The label is famous for its rigorous criteria, including a minimum weight and a high sugar content.

3. Densuke Black Watermelon

The Japanese are also famous for their exquisitely formed melons, with equally exquisite price tags.
The Densuke Black watermelon is, as its name suggests, a black melon with no stripes. The fruit which can weigh up to 11kg is known to be the priciest watermelon in the world, with one having been sold at a record price of 630,000 yen in June 2008.

2. Yubari Melon

A pair of Yubari melons sold at auction in Hokkaido on Friday for 2.5 million yen, one of the highest prices ever paid for the fruit.
The Yubari Melons are so famous for being expensive that they are often regarded as a status symbol. The fruits are grown in Yubari, Hokkaido, and are often given in pairs as a gift.

1. Pineapple from Cornwall

The most expensive pineapple in the world is grown in the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, England. The seemingly ordinary fruit is set apart by the method by which it is grown. To recreate the tropical climate usually required for pineapples, growers at this plantation make use of a technique dating back to the Victorian ages. The horticulturalists grew the crops in greenhouses heated with horse manure and straw, and cultivated the fruit over two years.

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