Top 10 Diets To Cure Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids or Piles is most annoying disease, which occur when the veins in and around the anal sphincter become inflamed, are a common affliction. It is caused by constipation, obesity, eating fried and spicy foods etc. They can cause painful bowel movements, and in some cases there can be bleeding. It is also caused due to extensive pressure at the veins during pregnancy or delivery. It has been found that about 70 to 80 percent of adult population worldwide is affected by piles at some point in their life time.

Consuming healthy foods and regular exercise are the most effective ways to prevent piles.

1. Radish

Radishes are considered to be one of the best home remedies for piles or hemorrhoids. A mixture of radish and salt or radish and honey can be quite effective. Add a tea spoon of honey to 100 mg of radish that is grated well, and have the mixture at least twice a day. You can also extract the juice from the vegetable and mix it with a pinch or half a tea spoon of salt. It should be given in doses of 60 to 90 ml, morning and evening.
2. Papaya

Papaya is a popular food in Asia where it is consumed to prevent constipation and ease bowl movement. It contains a protein-digestive enzyme papain along with other active compounds which provide relief from constipation. It has been studied that unripe green papaya contains more papain enzyme than ripe papaya. So adding unripe papaya in your salad is a great idea if you want to get rid of piles.

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