Top 10 Fruits for Diabetes or Sugar Patients

Diabetics or sugar patients can control their diabetes or even reverse their type 2 diabetes by cutting their sugar and refined carbs from their diet and by including these super nutritious fruits into their diabetes meal plan.

These fruits are low at glycemic index value and these fruits contain high amounts of fiber which helps the stomach to empty at a slower rate, which affects blood sugar levels and has a beneficial effect on insulin sensitivity.

Guava is a highly nutritious fruit choice for diabetes patients because it has a very high amounts of lycopene, dietary fiber and also rich in potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and magnesium. Its fruit and tea of its leaves both are beneficial for diabetes patients as many research confirms that eating guava fruit without its skin can reduce the sugar absorption in your blood. Being rich in dietary fiber it helps ease constipation and can even lower the chance of developing type two diabetes. Potassium found in guava helps regulate blood pressure.

Diabetes or Sugar patient Fruit Diet List

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