Top 10 People With Real Super Powers

6. Ben Underwood – Sees through sound


Ben Underwood, born in 1992, suffered from retinal cancer and had both of his eyes surgically removed at the age of 3. But Ben was no ordinary victim of blindness and didn’t need a walking stick or a guide dog to help him maneuver through the world – because Ben learned to see through sound. At the age of 5, he harnessed the ability to practice echolocation, the remarkable skill used to detect surrounding objects by hearing the sounds projected from them. Bats and dolphins are two species that use this sense to ‘see’ the world. Ben trained himself to detect objects by making loud clicking noises and hearing their sound projected back to him. Thanks to his keen ability, Ben grew up able to skateboard, play football, protect himself from bullies; basically everything a normal youth can do.

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