Top 10 Fruits that you never heard of

We all love to eat fruits because of its sweet taste and health benefits but you will be amazed to know that there are so many rarest variety of fruits grown in different part of the world in some different unique climate and soil that are more tastiest then regular fruits that we eat by purchasing from our local fruit market. Here we have a list of top 10 fruits that you may not eaten before or heard.

1. Jackfruit


The jackfruit is native to Southeast Asia. This fruit is the largest tree-borne fruit, reaching as much as 35 kg in weight. The jackfruit tree can produce about 100 to 200 fruits in a year. Jackfruit have a distinctive sweet and fruity aroma. Ripe jackfruit is naturally sweet, with subtle flavoring.

2. Hala fruit


Hala fruit is native to eastern Australia and Hawaii. The round fruit is a cluster of seed pods. As it ripens, the fruit breaks apart into single seeds called keys. The fruit can be eaten raw or cooked. They have a sweet taste and the fibrous green tips actually help clean your teeth. People use its leaves to make sweet jam as well as objects like canoe sails, baskets, mats, and grass skirts.

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