Most Scariest Place in the World – Island of the Dolls, Mexico


The Island of the Dolls is a very small man-made island situated in Xochimilco, Mexico, and it is part of an ancient canal system created by the Aztecs during the pre-Hispanic period. A man by the name of Don Julian lived on the island, and he witnessed a little girl drowning in the canal right off his island. He felt haunted by the little girl’s spirit, so he began placing dolls all over the island to appease her spirit. It was then that Don also began communicating with, playing his guitar for and singing to what he called mermaids swimming in the canal. And from our research, a very well-known psychic medium in Mexico City said that this mermaid Don was seeing was actually an evil, snakelike spirit that caused the drowning of the little girl. There are also many ancient mystical beings, creatures and goddesses that are affiliated with this very mysterious canal system, adding to the supernatural lure of the Island of the Dolls. These things give it its very haunted and scary reputation.

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