Top 10 Fruits for Diabetes Patient

2. Cherries

Cherries have a lowest glycemic index at 22 and don’t cause spikes in blood sugar levels. This makes cherries as one of the best fruit choice for diabetics. It also contain chemicals that boost insulin, which helps control blood sugar levels. The chemicals are called anthocyanins. They occur naturally in cherries, giving them their bright red color. Anthocyanins are known to help lower blood sugar by increasing insulin production by up to 50 percent. They also help fight heart disease, cancer and other diseases that are common among diabetic people.

1. Apples

Apples are an excellent fruit to include in your diet if you have diabetes. The flesh and skin of apples are high in soluble fiber, vitamin C and other antioxidants. Fiber slows down the digestion and absorption of carbs, causing them to not spike your blood sugar rapidly. A person feels fuller after eating an apple due to the combination of fiber, water, and nutrients. The glycemic index measures how rapidly carbohydrates in a food spike your blood sugar levels, and apples score relatively low on glycemic index, ranges from 30 to 50. All this makes apple number one fruit choice for people who suffer from diabetes.

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